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Plant Operations

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About Plant Operations

Plant operations are a critical component of CAPS training, designed to safeguard and optimise the functioning of essential facilities and infrastructure. CAPS training equips personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently manage and maintain these vital assets. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including monitoring equipment, conducting routine inspections, troubleshooting technical issues, and ensuring compliance with safety protocols and regulations. Participants in CAPS training gain a deep understanding of their roles and responsibilities in preserving the integrity and reliability of critical assets, thereby contributing to the overall resilience and sustainability of key infrastructure. This training is essential in mitigating risks, minimising downtime, and ensuring the seamless operation of facilities that are integral to our communities and economies.

Prices from £650+VAT

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Plant Operations
  • Level 2- construction operations (all types- some shown below)
  • NVQ level 2 certificate in plant operations (construction)
  • Cost for the above plant NVQ’s £650 + VAT
  • Additional bolt on categories charged at £150 + VAT per category
  • I.e dumper with roller would be £650 +£150 + VAT
  • Includes registration

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