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Signaller Training Wokingham

The highly qualified team of instructors at CAPS Training offers signaller training courses from our tuition centre in Wokingham.

When it comes to making sure a lift goes according to plan, the signaller is one of the key players. If you want to ensure your construction site runs smoothly, and your lifts go to plan, signaller training in Wokingham is essential.

To arrange signaller training in Wokingham, get in touch with the friendly team at CAPS Training.

About CAPS Training

As you might have guessed, CAPS (Construction Agriculture Plant Safety) Training specialises in training and accreditation within the construction and agriculture sectors. 

We can improve the skills and knowledge of individuals and organisations, at our training centre in Wokingham, or on a company visit to your site. We will cover a mixture of theory and practical tuition, to ensure you can confidently and capably work as a signaller.

Our trainers can award vocational qualifications (NVQ) within the construction and agriculture industries, from operative to management level. We offer many courses and training, including signaller training in Wokingham.

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Just fill out our online form or pick up the phone to find out more about our signaller training in Wokingham. Our friendly team will be more than happy to chat through the course material, answer any questions you might have.

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