What Qualifications Will You Need To Drive An Excavator?

Are you looking to advance your career in the construction industry? Want to pick up a skill that will make employers leap to hire you? Here’s why excavator training is right for you!

Learning To Drive An Excavator

If you’re looking to get a construction job then excavator training is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Using excavators is a vital part of any construction project and companies love nothing more than hiring fully trained, multi-skilled professionals. It saves them time and money while giving you a step up on the career ladder.

In terms of the learning process itself, an excavator training course should cover all the necessary skills and knowledge to operate an excavator on a modern construction site in line with industry standards/expectations. You’ll be working with experienced professionals who know their machines back to front and will be able to give you the best possible information and advice for every step of the way.

The Qualifications You’ll Need To Work In Industry

In the UK, if you want to operate any kind of construction site heavy machinery then you’ll need a valid CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) Card.

Depending on your level of training you can get a Red CPCS Card, a Blue CPCS Card, or a CPCS Tester Card. Holders of the red and blue cards can operate excavators on site, though those with a Red Card will need supervision from someone with a Blue or Tester Card. A Tester CPCS card – as the name implies – qualifies the bearer to test others.

Why Top Quality Excavator Training Is So Important

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely vital on construction sites it’s good health and safety. This means that any job you work with a reputable business should care a great deal about how well you handle heavy machinery. While passing an excavator training course and getting your CPCS card will legally qualify you to drive an excavator, the company you’re working for should nonetheless care a great deal about your ability to consistently follow good practices and health and safety standards.

In effect this means that your training should be more than just passing a course. When you complete your CPCS excavator training course with us, you won’t just be shown the ropes, but you’ll be given full and high quality training from industry professionals. That way, your future employers will be in no doubt as to your skills and competence.

Want to get started on your excavator training journey today? Contact us at 01628 769209 or 01628 632 483 for more information about how you could become a fully qualified construction site excavator operator.

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