What's Involved in Telescopic Handler Training Courses?


Telescopic handlers are vital pieces of equipment in industries such as construction, agriculture and warehousing. Operating them correctly and safely is incredibly important, not just for health and safety reasons, but for efficiency as well.

Today we’re going to look into some of the main parts of telescopic handler training.

Classroom Theory Lessons

It might sound less exciting, but all good courses start in the classroom, telescopic handler training is no exception. Participants will start by learning about the different components, functions, safety regulations and tips and tricks, led by our expert instructors. It’s important to understand the basics before beginning practical training, as the telehandler is a complex and dangerous piece of equipment. Using an interactive approach, our instructors ensure that everyone understands the basic concepts fully, before moving on to the fun stuff! 


 Next, we put theory into practice with our hands-on training. Participants will learn how to operate telehandlers safely through exercises such as driving with a load, placing and collecting a load, steering and much more. From basic manoeuvres to advanced techniques, we’ll cover everything in a safe and controlled environment. Here you can build your confidence and learn how to deal with real-world situations.

We’ll also teach inspection checks to ensure the vehicle is working correctly before you operate. On top of that, we’ll cover how to clean and leave the machine ready for the next use.

Health And Safety 

Health and safety is the most important part of any work site. Telescopic handlers are complex machines and are often transferring heavy loads across the site, so operators need to know how to use them properly.

Our telescopic handler training prioritises safety procedures, both in the classroom and during practical sessions. We cover pre-operation inspections and identifying hazards, so all operators leave the course educated and confident on how to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Once the telescopic handler training is completed, all participants will receive industry-recognised certification.

This is just a small insight into our professional telescopic handler training courses. If you’re ready to start the full training and earn your qualifications, then get in touch today at 01628 769209 or by emailing admin@capstraining.co.uk.


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